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Socially Retarded Girl is Socially Retarded. She can haz cello lesin plz?

So, it all started almost two weeks ago with a mention of a baby.

My viola teacher, upon me telling her that I was taking cello lessons this semester, said something about the teacher and a baby. Something like, "His wife is having a baby, right?"

Me: *shrug* "I dunno."

So I finally get an e-mail from the cello teacher on Monday morning after a week without one (I was too lazy to actually ask him what was up with the e-mail thing) asking about lesson times, etc. He also mentioned that his wife was due to give birth around that week or so, so lesson times were subject to change (with notice, of course). My first thought was: So, of course my lesson is gonna get canceled because of this whole baby thing.

I checked my e-mail compulsively this past Monday and Tuesday, waiting for the dreaded e-mail. No sign yet. Cue today. At 1:30 PM, having awoken from a horrible nap, I go check my e-mail. Sure enough, the dreaded message is there. All lessons canceled for the rest of the week.

Now I'm just wondering what my first lesson will be like. Will he bring it up out of the blue? I can imagine the awkward silence full of expectation. Or will I have to say something because I know why this lesson was postponed? Maybe he will open with it straight off. After all, he volunteered it.

And through this moment, I am sure that I will have to fake my way through a socially acceptable reaction, like, "Oh, congratulations!" or "That's so nice!" or any other equally suitable non-awkward phrase punctuated with an equally awkward smile/face movement showing the minimum amount of whatever other emotion "faking non-indifference" is.

Because, you know, I sincerely do not give a fuck.

I do not find babies remarkable. They are just not as interesting to me as they seem to be to many other people. So picture me having to act like I care -- or at least not doing anything that may get me The "What's wrong with you? Don't you like baaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyybbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeezzzzzz?!1!!1!" Reaction whenever they are mentioned to me.

I actually met the teacher a week or so ago. I was pretty excited. He also happens to be the prof I had for my excruciatingly boring Intro Music Theory class last semester. (He is also teaching next class in the sequence, but thank whatever invisible object(s) of veneration up there somewhere that the class could not fit into my schedule this semester because of my Greek class.) He tuned my cello. The cello slipped out of tune over the course of the week. I do not want to take a risk and tune it. Now the cello is sitting in my locker growing dusty. I could, in theory, still practice, but the sour notes will eventually annoy me.
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