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I would prefer not to.

et sic biscuitus disintegrat

9 March
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Date Created:2003-06-17
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Layla, known as Queen of the Weirdos and the Little Pink Sock is exactly that: weird. She would sing happy songs at a funeral if she could. She loves Hello Kitty and Deadsy, and other good music. She loves to run around singing the Folgers jingle and tell people they are Elias-ing.
Strengths: Friendly, weird as hell, asks the funniest questions, will stand up for what she believes in (Crazy Deli Man! heh heh) and always wears that pink (so she doesn't get lost!).
Weaknesses: leave her alone and you're dead, if you don't like Deadsy she might never talk to you, won't pay for Brandini's manga she accidentally messed up
Special Skills: Weirdo talk, Deadsy preach, power to confuse, Pepsi spray
Weapons: Folgers song of death, overblinding pink, Limp Bizkit CDs, La Soldier theme, courtesy of Sera Myu.
Weirdo :: Singing Rockapella's Folgers jingle, wearing bright pink, saying the Un-national anthem of Deadsy; this is weird. Not bad weird, GOOD weird. Being who she is and not afraid of doing what others will never understand, weird.

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E.E. Cummings

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